Flour Range Of Maharaja Food

Cautiously Selected Grains Are Thoroughly Cleaned To Remove All Adhering Impurities And Blended Properly Before Milling Them To Manufacture Maharaja Flour Varieties.  We Use The State-Of-Art Technology And Hygienically Built And Maintained Mills To Ensure Product Hygiene At Every Step Of The Production Process. Our Mills Deploy Modern Technologies To Make Sure The Atmosphere Is Totally Dust Free .We Maintain Warehouses With Strict Quality Standards To Store Our Top Quality Flour Varieties That Finally Come To Your Hands In A Well-Designed Package.  Here Are Our Top Flour Varieties Available In The Store.

Hand Roasted Rice Flour

The Undeniable Household Name “Maharaja Hand Roasted Rice Flour” Is Our Best-Seller Ever Since The Very Beginning Of Maharaja Food Products.  This Is A Healthy Ingredient That Can Be Used To Prepare Many Dishes And The Great Flavor It Adds To Your Dish Cannot Be Experienced By Using A Typical Rice Flour Variety.  You Can Start With A Very Common Local Dish Like “String Hoppers” (Idiyappan) And Feel The Twist It Adds To String Hoppers.  Starting From String Hoppers, You Can Use Maharaja Hand-Roasted Rice Flour To Prepare Puri, Pittu, Hoppers, Rotti And Even Some Western Delicacies Like Cookies. You Can Choose From Both Roasted White Rice Flour And Roasted Red Rice Flour.

Chakki Fresh Atta Flour

For All The Health-Conscious Foodies, You Can Use Chakki Fresh Atta Flour In Preparing Your Delicacies Without A Doubt. Atta Flour Is Rich In Fiber And Low In Calories That Keeps You Full And Satisfied. Thus   You Can Tingle Your Taste Buds With Scrumptious Puri, Parota And Any Such Flour Based Dish With Chakki Fresh Atta Flour. Daily Consumption Of Chakki Atta Flour Can Lower The Risk Of Many Crucial Health Issues Like Various Heart Diseases.  You Can Also Cook With Maharaja Steamed Atta Flour As Well.

Chana Flour (Gram Flour)

Using Raw Chickpeas, Chana Flour Is Manufactured.  The Nutrition In Gram Flour Is As The Same That In Chickpeas Because The Flour Is Completely Made Out Of Chickpeas.  When You Use Chana Flour You Can Consume A Higher Portion Of Fiber And Protein With Zero Gluten. According To Researches, Gram Flour Is A Great Source Of Linoleic And Oleic Acids Which Are Nutritionally Important Unsaturated Fatty Acids. You Can Prevent From A Range Of Health Issues If You Use Chana Flour In Your Daily Cuisine And Enjoy The Benefits Of A Healthy Meal.


Kurakkan Flour

You Can Use Millet Flour Or Kurakkan Flour As The Main Ingredient In Preparing Pittu, Roti And String Hoppers.  Magnesium In Kurakkan Contains Heart Health Properties. Magnesium Contributes To Reduce Asthma As Well.  Kurakkan Flour Is High In Fiber That Helps Minimizing The Incidence Of Gallstones And This Is Totally Gluten Free! Experience The Benefits Of Kurakkan Flour That Made It The Prized Grain Of So Many Historic Cultures Centuries And Centuries Ago.


Undu Flour

Made Out Of 100% Black Gram, Maharaja Undu Flour Is The Ideal To Prepare Delicious Thosai And Wadei. Undu Itself Is A Natural Source Of Multiple Nutrients.  Since This Flour Is Gluten Free, You Can Add More Flavor And Character To Your Culinary Delights Without Harnessing The Healthiness Of The Meal. 

Wheat Flour

The Most Commonly Used Flour In Baking Is Wheat Flour. We All Consume At Least A Very Little Amount Of Wheat Flour Every Single Day. Maharaja Wheat Flour Is Another Quality Flour, You Can Use In Your Kitchen.  We Manufacture Wheat Flour By Carefully Grinding Wheat Ensuring The Quality Of Flour To Offer You The Best Wheat Flour On The Island. 

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