The Aroma Of Exotic Spices Like Garlic, Caradamon, Chilies, Loads Of Black Pepper Tickling Your Nose…..

Mouthwatering, Smack-You-In-The-Face Flavors…..

Extraordinary Dishes Altering Between The Super Heat Of Spice And Then Being Sweet Enough To Delight Your Sugar Tooth…..

Sri Lankan Cuisine Is Truly An Art That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else In The World. Local Cuisine Ranks A Special Place On The Global Culinary Map Because Of Its Authentic Flavors And Cooking Methods. The Culinary Arts Of Sri Lanka That We Enjoy Today Are A Heritage Bestowed From The Ancient Sri Lankans.  We Are A Nation That Held A Strong String With The Nature From The Very Beginning Of Civilization And We Made It A Habit To Add The Magical Natural Ingredients To Spice Up Our Dishes.  That Spiciness Is What Really Makes Sri Lankan Food Shine Through.  Our Ancestors Used To Use A Plethora Of Local Spices And Herbs Extracted From Nature To Add More Flavor To Dishes. The Purpose Was Not Merely To Make The Dishes An Eye Candy But To Enrich The Dishes With More Natural Nutrients. When Going Through Historical Legends And Folktales, We Can Identify That Our Ancestors Have Consumed Rice, Grains And Meat As Their Staples. A Countless Number Of Rare Rice Varieties Were Grown By Our Ancients And Some Varieties Are Still Cultivated In Some Regions Of The Island. Coconut Was Also An Important Crop From The Early Days. Since Cattle-Breeding Was Practiced Along With Agriculture, Our Ancients Have Consumed Fresh Milk And Other Milk Based Food Items Daily.

With The Foreign Invasions, Locals Adopted A Gourmet Of European Dishes And Prepared Them With A Local Touch. With The Introduction Of Tea Plantation, Sri Lanka Became A Lifetime Devoted Country For The Finest Tea In The World. A Fine Cup Of Ceylon Tea Is Married With The Name Of “Sri Lanka”. Today Being A Multi-Cultural Country, Local Cuisine Is Exotically Infused With Numerous Cooking Practices.  There Is A Great Range Of Popular Local Dishes Including Milk Rice, Kavum(Oil Cakes), Hoppers, Wadei, Thosei, Watalappan As A Result Of The Multi-Cultural Influence.  These Diversified Delicious Dishes Attract Foodies From All Around The World.

Taking Sri Lankan Food Heritage To The Next Level, Maharaja Super Proudly Offers You A Wide Range Of Spices And Flour Varieties To Add A Twist To Your Traditional Dishes!