Red nadu rice

Red nadu rice

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Maharaja Red Nadu Rice 5kg.

  • Genuine goodness
  • Our signature rice grains loved for their magical aroma and tantalising taste
  • Gluten free

Product Marketing The Maharaja Red Nadu Promise: Naturally sun-kissed, matured grains for exceptional taste Broken grains removed to ensure a light, fluffy texture Each batch is purity tested to remove inferior grains For half a century we've known that Red Nadu belongs at the heart of every home and the centre of every table. Our love for this ancient delicacy means we never compromise; only exceptional is ever good enough to carry our name. Using the finest quality grains means our Maharaja Red Nadu is simply full of natural goodness with a wonderful aroma and a long, fluffy texture that you'll adore from the very first taste. Your kitchen deserves the best; trust us to bring you rice like no other you'll find on Earth and that you'll always be proud to serve.

Brand Marketing Maharaja truth We remove broken grains because they release starch and cause sticky rice. We never compromise which means you don't have to.

Ingredients Red Nadu Rice

Additional Information Free From Gluten Packed In Sri Lanka Milled and packed in the LK from a locally produced ingredient Pack Type: Heat Sealed

Storage Store in a cool dry place.

Customer Reviews

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Nagarajah Manoharan
Quality had gone down

President UN Association of NZ Waikato branch
Coordinator Neighbourhood Silverdale area
Past Chairman Sout East Kirikiriroa Community Association Inc.
Past President Waikato Ethnic Council Inc.
Past Committee Member Cambridge Resident Association
Past Committee Member Sri Lanka Friendship society Inc.
Past President Tamil Siciety Waikato Inc.

!03A, Silverdale Road,
Hamilton 3216,
New Zealand.
Phone [****]

16th October 2022

The Sales / Marketing Manager Exports
Maharajah Foods Ltd
Colombo 6

Dear Sir/Madam,

The red roasted rice flour Batch 28.06 manufactured 28.06.2022 and sold in Australia and New Zealand is of inferior quality.

My wife was in Sydney with my daughter they bought the flour and could not make string hoppers. Now she is back in New Zealand and I bought 2 packets she tried to make string hoppers and could not make it. Either it is not roasted properly or inferior quality rice is used to make the flour.

My wife will never use any other brands of Sri Lankan or Indian flour. She only uses Maharajah products. It was extremely good but the batch which came to Australia and New Zealand is of inferior quality.

I know the late Raja Mahendran and his brother they were at my School Royal College in 1958 where I was educated.

Please ensure the supplier of the red roasted rice flour keeps up the standards and the good name your product had earned.

Yours sincerely,