About Us

Maharaja Food Private Limited Is A Local Food Manufacturer That Serves Local And International Customers Across Numerous Spheres In Their Lives With Supreme Quality Food Products. In 1958, The Late Mr. Sivasaranam Sow The Seeds Of “Lanka Stores” Which Now Is A Massive Venture Serving Thousands And Thousands Across The Globe. Today We Take In Pride Offering High Quality And Affordable Products And Services In Our Specialized Arenas Of Retail, Logistics, Courier Services, Currency Exchange, Business Consultancy And E-Commerce.

Lanka Stores Was One Of The Major Grocery Stores In The Country That Provided People With Quality Products At Reasonable Prices. After Partnering With “Leoris & Sons” In 1979, Lanka Stores Triumphed For Years Until The Dark Era Of 1983 When The Ethnic Riots Erupted All Over The Island. 

Being Sanguine About Prospects Of Unveiling A New Venture The Gunganathan Family, Laid The Foundation Of “Vijeya Enterprise” In 1986. Amidst A Countless Number Of Hardships, The Family Inaugurated A Place For What Mr. Sivasaranam Had So Much Trusted “Doing Business In Sri Lanka” For The Betterment Of The Island And Its Citizens.  Initially Located At No. 44, 4th Cross Street, Pettah, Vijeya Enterprise Pioneered In Providing Superior Quality Food Items Including Rice, Potatoes, Onion, Lentils And The List Goes On. Vijeya Enterprise Empowered Many Local Village Farmers By Purchasing Their Harvest And Only Premium Quality Food Products Were Imported From Neighboring Lands Which Were Not Available On The Island.

The Present Head Office Of GTV Enterprise (Pvt) Limited Located In Wellawatte Was Acquired When The Guganathan Family Stepped Into Expanding The Business Just A Decade After Their Successful Initial Venture And “Maharaja Food Products” Label Was Born In This Premises. Hand-Roasted Rice Flour Produced By Maharaja Food Products Became The Best Seller Of The Brand And Created A Soaring Demand. In Order To Cater The Skyrocketing Demand For Hand-Roasted Rice Flour, The Company Rented Out A New Premises Around Wattala In 1998 And Started Manufacturing And Packaging Hand-Roasted Rice Flour In Mass Scale. But Still The Volume Produced By The Newly Established Factory Could Not Meet The Ever Increasing Demand For The Product. Thus Another New Factory Was Commenced In 2004 At Mabola In The Wattala Area. In 2005, The Office Premises In Wellawatte Was Refurbished Into A Modern Super Market; “Maharaja Super” Along With A Courier Agency.   

Today We Offer Quality Food Items Manufactured Under “Maharaja Food Products”. A Great Variety Of Healthy And Quality Flour Including Our Premium Product, Hand-Roasted Rice Flour Are Offered To The Market To Nutrient The Nation.  We Also Manufacture A Gourmet Of Fresh Whole And Ground Versions Of The Local Spices Frequently Used In Day To Day Cooking. Apart From Our Key Products; Flour And Spices, We Manufacture And Sell A Range Of Other Food Ingredients Including Hand Pounded Rice, Maldivian Fish Chips, Odiyal, Papadam, Roasted Semolina And Beverage Products Including Ceylon Tea And Coffee.  We Will Cater You In The Years To Come With The Trusted Quality For Generations While Improving And Shaping Lives.