February 26, 2024

Recipes By Maharaja Foods 1 – Ulundhu Vadai

Crispy On The Outside Fluffy In The Centre

How About A Crispy Ulundu Wadei Dipped In A Chutney And Sambar With A Cup Of Tea? We All Know What An Amazing Combo It Is. Let Us See How To Make Ulundu Wadei At Home Which Is Of Course Easy Peasy Though Many Of You Find It Complicated.

  • Preparation Time- 30 Mins
  • Soaking Time-2-3 Hours
  • Cooking Time- Per Batch 1-2 Mins Max

Now Let Us Get Started. First Of All Get Set All The Following Ingredients.

  • Maharaja Undu Flour -1.5 Cups
  • One Finely Chopped Onion
  • Green Chilies -8 Well Chopped
  • Ginger- 2tblspn Well Chopped
  • Curry Leaves- 1 Handful Chopped
  • Salt To Taste
  • Maharaja Gingerly Oil For Deep Frying
  • Yield- 20 Servings

First Toss Maharaja Undu Flour And All The Other Ingredients Into A Dough. Make Sure The Dough Is Soft And Slightly Sticky. Add A Little Bit Of Water For A Smooth Dough. Divide Dough Into 20 Balls And Place On A Lightly Greased Work Surface. Take One Ball Out And Flatten It With Your Hands. Make A Tiny Hole In The Centre And Drop In Hot Maharaja Gingerly Oil. Fry Vadeis Till Golden Brown In Maharaja Gingerly Oil. And Drain In A Paper Towel. It Is Best To Serve Ulunde Vadeis With Some Spicy Chutney And Sambar.

Tips For Yummiest Ulundu Vadeis You Will Ever Have,

Don’t Add Lots Of Water To The Dough, If You Do So You Will Not Be Able To Get The Shape And It Will Drink Lots Of Oil.

Cut Onions, Curry Leaves And The Other Ingredients Into Manageable Sizes

Now You Can Enjoy Some Mouth-Melting Ulundu Vadai That Would Make You Drooling When The Vadeis Start To Turn To Golden Brown And The Delicious Aroma Wafts Off Tingling Your Taste Buds.